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Inaport, from InaPlex,
Providing data integration and management.

Inaport is the premier customer data integration tool from InaPlex. It moves data between your CRM system and other data repositories in your organisation. Key functions provided by Inaport include:

  • Two way data integration
  • Data Migration - move legacy CRM data to new systems
  • Data Management
  • Data Integrity

Inaport is the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective way to perform tasks such as:

  • Import contact or lead information from Excel, Access, text files, or web site, using simple or sophisticated matching techniques to prevent duplicates.
  • Import accounting information about Accounts or Contacts; for example, order history, current sales, year to date summary information. Extensive data transformation capabilities with user preview ensure that the data is presented in the format required.
  • Export contact information to be verified by a tele-marketing operation, then update the CRM system with the results.
  • Synchronize CRM information with corporate ERP systems.

Inaport provides significant benefits over the native import capabilities of your CRM system:

  • Much more powerful matching capabilities: prevent duplicates before they come in.
  • Vastly superior data transformation capabilities: ensure data is in the correct format for presentation and analysis.
  • Robust in the face of errors: handle dirty, complex data.
  • Better manageability, logging and reporting: manage by exception.

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